Monday, June 27, 2005

RSS and Atom Feeds

I got a lot of pings saying that this Blog was not compatible with news readers. Being new to blogging and Blogger I was not sure what the problem was. I just found out that Blogger does not like documents that were created in MS Word and then pasted into the create screen. The non standard HTML blows up the feed.

Anyway I went through my articles and took out all the non standard HTML and validated my feed with FEED Validator

It seems to be OK now, sorry for any confusion and thanks for the feedback.

PS: Still not right, Feed Validator not happy after my last post. All the problems seem to be in the template header which I have not touched. Any ideas?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the url for the RSS Feed? you don't have one of those cool RSS or XML buttons on your site!

7:32 AM  
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