Thursday, June 23, 2005

Great technical review of the latest nVidia graphics processor

I really don’t care that much about the latest video cards because for the most part they only affect the gaming market but this card is aimed at both the gaming and high quality video playback consumer. I just read this review of the new nVisia 7800GTX GPU at HTPC News. While it looks like a high end gaming card it also looks to be optimized for HDTV and 1920X1080P resolution. This new processor seems to push the limit in current and future video processing with H.264 digital video codec support. The drivers mentioned in the article are designed for optimized HDTV display as well. This card is supposed to be more efficient that the nVidia 6 series which hopefully means better thermal management. A card like this will really not be appropriate for living room use if it needs a small GPU fan spinning at 7000 RPM. I think it bodes well for the media server market when a leading company like nVidia starts to put this much emphasis on video quality and compatibility.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey.. Does your site have an RSS feed? i've been unable to subscribe to it..

Newsgator tells me:

NewsGator: An error occurred loading this feed.

Details: Could not find a valid RSS or RDF file.

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Blogger Adam Stone said...

It should, I use Newsgator as my newsreader as well and I can subscribe to my blog by clicking the Newsgator manager tab clicking on the Add a Feed link at the upper left and then clicking on the URL & Import tab and entering in the feed URL.

Let me know if it does not work again.

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Anonymous hubertk said...

I was able to add your blog's Atom feed to my home page:

Don't really know, or care, what the difference is between atom and vanilla rss, but it works as expected.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

strange, my newsgator doesn't like it. Even if I try to manually add a feed with the URL:

I get a similar error.. I'll see if I can update my newsgator.

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